We are gradually approaching the time of the release of the next-gen consoles. With the entry of the next-gen, the game industry will also develop more. Meanwhile, prices are rising with this development. Capcom also appears to be raising the price of its games.

The price tag of Resident Evil Village


There has been a lot of conversation about a $ 10 increase in the price of games for the ninth generation. And according to various speculations, this will happen. for example, Sony announced that all exclusive PlayStation games will be sold for $ 70. Of course, this price increase seems a bit illogical for games like FIFA. Because over the past few years, it has released versions with not much change. It is now said that the $ 69.99 price tag will be for Resident Evil Village.
As you know, the Resident Evil franchise has many fans around the world. Capcom fascinated everyone with the release of the initial versions of this franchise. But they failed to maintain this uptrend. And we saw a decline in the quality of these games. But fortunately, the company has returned to its high level by making remake versions. The latest title of this franchise is also known as Resident Evil Village. According to the published information, this game will be a continuation of the story of the seventh episode. This time in a cold and dark village you will face werewolves. This game will be from the first-person view.
The game will be released in 2021 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


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