During the Apple event, Apple announced that the iPhone 12 will be available without a charger and EarPods. Apple’s move has received a lot of negative feedback. Most people believe that Apple has done this for more profit. But Apple itself says it has done so only to reduce carbon emissions and environmental safety. (iPhone 12 France EarPods)


bad news for Apple

According to the news that was published today, Apple should launch the iPhone 12 in France with EarPod. If it is not in the box of EarPods, they will have to pay a fine of 75,000 Euros to the French government. This news has been published by you, MacRumors, and the reason for this has also been explained. This law, called radiation laws, was enacted by the French government. According to this law, smartphones must have headphones due to mobile radiation. The French government says that using headphones in a smartphone case protects children under the age of 14 from electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and its harmful effects.
This rule is only in France, and Apple in other countries offers its phones without EarPods. Some believe that Apple has done this to replace the cost of using the OLED screen and 5G modem. Used parts, on the other hand, are not as expensive, and Apple’s profit per unit has increased.


New iPhones

Apple unveiled 4 new phones at its conference. The iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max 4 are Apple’s new phones. Apple announced at its conference that these 4 devices have used the world’s first 5G processor in smartphones. alongside, the processor iPhone 12 is the first iPhone with a 5G modem and iPhone 12 mini is the smallest 5g phone in the world. Apple has to ship its phones in France with the EarPods, and in other countries, there are no EarPods.(iPhone 12 France EarPods)
What do you think about the absence of EarPods in the iPhone 12 box? Share your opinion on Euvotx.


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