The iPhone 12 is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow after a delay of several weeks. Many of Apple’s new phones have been revealed, but there are still doubts about the iPhone. With all this, Apple will introduce the 4 iPhone 12 tomorrow.


Tomorrow, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be introduced. The cheapest phone tomorrow is supposed to be the iPhone 12 Mini with $ 649 in the 64GB model. The most expensive model of the iPhone 12 is supposed to be the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512 GB of memory for $ 1399 according to rumors. (iPhone 12 BOE Oled BOE)
Apple first used the Oled Samsung screen in its iPhone X. At that time, there were no other companies that produced old screens that provided the quality expected by Apple. Besides, companies have not been able to demand huge volumes from Apple. But it has been a few months since the name of the Chinese company BOE, which intends to produce Oled Apple screens. (iPhone 12 BOE Oled BOE)


According to the news, BOE did not perform well in Apple’s quality test and Apple was not satisfied with them. But it seems that the company has provided the needs of Apple and it is said that the iPhone 12 uses the Oled screen. According to reports, the Oled BOE screen costs less for Apple, thus increasing the company’s profit margin.
There is another news that has been heard before but it has not been confirmed that. Apple intends to remove the charge from the iPhone 12 package. This news does not seem very strange because Apple had previously mentioned the removal of the charger from the new iPhones. Many people believe that Apple intends to replace the costs of the 5G modem by removing the charger.

new information (update October 18)

Apple used Samsung OLED in iPhone 12 mini, 12 pro, and 12 pro max. also only iPhone 12 used LG display.
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