The Apple time flies conference started with the focus on the Apple Watch and iPad. Apple Watch Series 6 was introduced with health-related features. Apple introduced this gadget to the Time Flies conference.

apple-watch-6-time flies-event

One of the new features of this model is the detection of blood oxygen levels. company has mentioned that the Apple Watch Series 6 can measure the amount of oxygen in your blood in 15 seconds. They add a new app to the Apple Watch to support this feature. Apple has also mentioned that it has done so with the help of American universities. This gadget uses a new s6 processor designed specifically for the Apple Watch. One of the features of the new Apple watch is the customization of the watch display theme. With this Apple feature, you can create your own theme. And use these themes on this watch. This gadget also tells a lot of information about your heart rate. with these new features, this gadget shows you very useful information while exercising.
This gadget is priced at $ 399 in the base model. Also, one of the new features of this watch is the family setup feature. This feature allows you to monitor your child and be aware of their situation.
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