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Today we want to introduce the top five first-person shooter games of the decade. This style of game has many fans around the world, and many games in this style enter the market every year. Now join us to see which of these games has proven itself well.
The analysis of this post is only about the campaign, gameplay, graphic design, etc in the games and We will rank online first-person shooter games in a separate post.

5.Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012)

If you are looking for a great Call of Duty with a great story in this decade, Black Ops 2 is definitely your choice. The animations of the characters are designed well. details of the environment are also designed with great details. The story of this game is narrated in two different times, One is narrated in the past between 1970 and 1980 and another will be narrated in the future in 2025. Leaving the story of the game, we come to the gameplay of the game, which with the ability to run 60 frames per second, gives you an interesting feeling while shooting. During the game, you can use different weapons and one of the most important things that make this game more attractive is a variety of Vehicles that you can use. Another interesting point is that you will determine the end of the game with your decisions, and this game has 5 different endings which make the  Black Ops 2 more exciting. If you are looking for a first-person shooter with an interesting story, be sure to try this game.

4.Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2017)

If you are looking for a game to kill the Nazis, New Colossus is the best choice. In this game, you will enter the modern but bloody world of the Colossus with Terror-Billy. We have faced a very deep story. Sub-missions does not play a colorful role in the game. But the story of the game is so powerful. it fascinates you and you do not go to the sub-missions anymore. This game has a high speed and enhances the action of the game, also, the variety of enemies that become stronger over time, makes the game more attractive. Although the weapons are not numerous in the game, the ones in the game are designed with all the details and quality. Perhaps the most interesting thing about New Colossus is that it has a lot of action and bloody battles that this sometimes maximizes your blood adrenaline. If you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino bloody movies, be sure to try this game.

3.DOOM Eternal (2020)

As you know, Doom is one of the most famous and popular first-person-shooter games. This game has attracted many fans over the years so, Studio Id Software and Panic Button Games released the DOOM Eternal in 2020. The thing that attracts you in this version is the diversity of weapons. You will receive various weapons during the game proportional to the increasing power of your enemies, and you can use weapons to eliminate them. One of the only weaknesses of DOOM is the system of upgrading tools and weapons in the game, which slows down the game process. Another point of this game is Glory Kills which creates a short pause among the high speed of the game. In general, we can say that this version has improved in comparison to the 2016 version in every way. as you know, there is no detailed storytelling in the DOOM games. but if you want to experience a speedy first-person shooter game with a diversity of enemies and weapons, do not doubt in the experience of this game.

2.Halo: Reach (2010)

Undoubtedly, one of the most important games that increased the level of Microsoft consoles is the Halo game series. Bungie Studios in Halo: Reach goes one step further and tells the story of sacrifice to save lives. In this game, like other versions, you are in control of a Spartan and try to destroy the Covenants with your various weapons. we see the customize feature in campaign mode, which makes the gamer put himself in the place of the character. In this game, you see the environments with great quality. One of the remarkable points of reach is the epic soundtracks of this game, which forms a great harmony with the story of the game. Your enemies have very good artificial intelligence and this feature makes it harder to deal with them than before. Undoubtedly, Reach is the best Halo that made in the decade, and it may take years for a better version to hit the market.

1.BioShock Infinite (2013)

Throughout the history of the game industry, we had seen a few games that could keep themselves at a great level and did not disappoint their fans with the release of the second or third version, BioShock is one of these games. In the Bioshock Infinite, We are facing a perfect game. at first glance, we see Colombia, which is beautifully exhibited in the sky. A city that is extremely beautiful and dynamic. In other words, the builders used the most power of the UNREAL3 engine to create the city of Colombia. You also have the ability to use magic and special powers to destroy enemies, which makes the game more attractive. The story of the game is also very powerful and encourages the gamer to solve the mysteries of the story until the last moment. This game shows that you do not have to sacrifice gameplay to tell a great story. In a word, this game is a masterpiece and it deserves the first place on our list.
In the end, we hope that enjoy the experience of these fascinating games and if you believe that other games should be included in this list, we would be happy if you share them with us in the comments.
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