Today we want to introduce the best phones for around $400. one of the best price ranges for budget phones.

4. Easiest to use

Google pixel 4a


This phone has many positive points that I will mention each one of them. In-camera, this phone has a high-quality 12-megapixel camera which captures high-quality photos in any situation, and can even be considered pixel 4a best phone mid-range phone for photography. however, this phone uses a relatively old camera sensor, but the ai of the Google camera app changes everything and delivers great pictures to you.(best phones under $400)
The overall performance of the phone is very acceptable and it is a smooth phone with a simple user interface that is easy for anyone to work with. the screen is also one of the strengths of this phone because it uses an OLED panel and shows you high-quality images, and among other phones, the screen pixel 4a is one of the best.


if you are looking for a simple, high-quality phone to work with, the Google Pixel 4a is definitely the best, and with its current $ 350 price tag, it is definitely worth the purchase.

3. best 5g phone

Oneplus Nord n10 is the best $400 5g phone

Oneplus Nord N10 specification
if 5G technology that has recently become popular is important to you, the Nord N10 is one of the most valuable mid-range 5G phones.
In the previous post, I had a comparison between the Nord N10 and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G. But the reason we chose this phone is that it is more available in most markets. Nord N10 uses a 90Hz display that gives you a smoother experience of the phone and this display conveys the feeling of a smoother phone to you.
OnePlus uses a large 64-megapixel sensor for the Nord N10 main camera. The image quality of this camera is very good and will definitely keep you satisfied


In hardware, this phone is very close to Pixel 4a, and also in performance, they are on the same level. But if gaming is one of your main goals to buy a phone, the next two phones that we introduce are a much better choice for gaming. The OnePlus Nord N10 is currently priced at around $ 320 and is one of the best mid-range 5G phones on the market and link to buy is HERE

So, for the best $400 phone I will introduce you to the two phone

For number -2- iPhone SE 2020 for number -1- Xiaomi Poco f2 pro

2.iPhone SE 2020

apple iphone se 2020
This phone does not need to be introduced to you, and if you are in the United States and you want to spend this amount of money, it definitely must be one of the phones that considering. Well, this phone has very attractive specifications.(best phones under $400)
First, let’s start with the hardware and performance. Apple has used the iPhone 11 processor inside this phone, which is about 2 times more powerful than all mid-range phones in the benchmarks and this price range. this shows the high power of the iPhone SE. Using this hardware and the latest version of OS makes this phone the best phone in performance and smoothness, even gaming at its price.
In-camera section, iPhone SE offers a very high-quality camera, but inside the benchmarks, Google Pixel 4a has a  bit better performance, but in general, the iPhone SE camera has a very high quality. There are only a few downsides to this phone.
  1. The first is a design that is very old
  2. the display quality is good, but the size is too small for a 2020 smartphone, Google Pixel 4a is about the same size about an inch larger than the iPhone SE.
  3. is the battery, which is OK .but it has a shorter battery life than the other phones on this list.
apple iphone se 2020
And in general, iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best mid-range phones on the market, which will work for you for more than three years without any limitation.

1.Poco F2 Pro


This phone is less known in the US market but is relatively well known in other markets. The Poco F2 Pro is a mid-range price flagship, which is a complete phone in this price range.
I would like to mention the display, it has the best display and the competitors have nothing to say because of the poco f2 pro display quality. poco f2 pro used a Samsung AMOLED display with HDR10+ standard and even 180 Hz Touch sampling rate.(best phones under $400)
In hardware, poco uses the most powerful Snapdragon processor which is snapdragon 865 and is about 10 to 15% more powerful than the iPhone SE in benchmarks, and performance is equal to the flagship phones. If you are a gamer, the best choice for a gaming phone in this price range is the Poco f2 Pro.
 the camera also has very good quality, and the main camera uses a large 64-megapixel sensor and is almost in the same category as the Google Pixel 4A


Poco F2 pro is a flagship killer .pcoc with lower price than the flagship, have the most feature of the flagship, and like a high-end phone has good processor good battery, and a good camera. is definitely one of the best choices for a mid-range phone. Currently, the price of this phone is $ 420 and the link for buying this phone is  HERE.
Thank you for being with us so far. what do you think about this list? Share your opinion on Euvotx


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