Bitcoin and Twitter lessons. How not to be scammed?

Bitcoin and Twitter scam

scam and bitcoin

After a very shocking incident that happened on Friday, we wonder what will happen next.
Twitter added today that in addition to the people we mentioned in the Twitter hack article, the personal information of 8 other hacked accounts has been downloaded. This information has been stolen from the personal profiles of these people, and it greatly reduces our concern and lack of trust in social networks.
Given this, we have to be more careful with scammers. But the important issue these days, in addition to hacking Twitter, is bitcoin.
Bitcoin, which is a very valuable and good invention, also has big disadvantages.
One of the serious ones is that it is untraceable, which is both good and bad.
But it can be said that this digital money is the currency of the Dark Web. Dark Web, which is the largest and most unknown part of the Internet and is mostly used for negative and illegal purposes. And all money transfer on the Dark Web is with Bitcoin and blockchain money
And as we mentioned before, it is untraceable.
Bitcoin scammed
You can see that this digital currency has very dangerous aspects.
And it can be seen that the new money transfer tool for hackers and illegal activities is Bitcoin.
We need to prevent people from being scammed by informing people in this area and be careful to transfer money by bitcoin and send it to others.

But scams

At a time when many people are out of work, be more careful.
be careful that the person who wants to forgive and help does not receive money from you. Scams, hacks, and bitcoins have created a new chain. This chain is very difficult to identify and is the new principle of digital scams and has started and will continue with the hacking of famous people we are familiar with.
In the case of fraud, you can only prevent it by informing the public, but in the case of security, large companies must be more prepared.
What happened to Twitter shows that companies have to pay more for their safety. As well as informing employees by holding security classes.
In the 21st century, the most valuable commodity is not gold ,it is information. Scammers are the same as bank robbers but up to date.
Today’s gold is our information that is lent to social networks like Twitter Instagram and Facebook and search engines like Google.
Today’s information can change the destiny of a country and its people and increase the power of a country. So it can be concluded that today hackers are looking for our information to steal.
the scam will always be the problem and the only way to deal with it is to make people aware of fraudulent methods and tools.
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