The fourth DLC New information has been released.

Gearbox Software was another attendee at the Gamescom event and the production team released a trailer of the new DLC of this game. Psycho Krieg and The Fantastic Fustercluck DLC, the game’s fourth and final DLC will be released in September.

Borderlands 3 new DLC


The story of DLC is about Krieg. Tannis thinks she can access Vaulthalla by entering the crazy Krieg mind. As a result of this investment and research, she succeeds in getting into Kraig’s mind and searching there. But it will not be that simple. During the game, you will encounter Kraig’s memories and mental problems. New capabilities will be added to the game such as new enemies, new guns as well as new challenges. Developers announced that the level of player capacity will also increase so that players can progress to level 65 and for now, this will be the last increase in the level of player capacity. In this DLC, you will become more familiar with Kraig’s memories and character. As it turns out, this DLC is going to show a strange environment, and in the following, we see the reveal trailer of this DLC.

In the course of this video, Mr. Connor Thomas Cleary, the author of the Psycho Krieg and The Fantastic Fustercluck, has given some explanations to the fans of this game, which we will see below(this video source: IGN). This DLC will be available on September 10, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platform.



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