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FridayŘŚ 30 July 2021

The Medium release date specified

With the release of the trailer, the release date of the Medium was determined. The horror genre has many fans all over the world. And many people are interested in experiencing this...

Microsoft has released an interesting trailer about its consoles

A trailer called Us Dreamers has been released in connection with the Xbox consoles. Now that a lot of information has been released about the new Microsoft consoles, fans are waiting for...

Cyberpunk 2077:New information has been released

One of the most anticipated games of 2020 will be Cyberpunk 2077. The CD Red Project company has attracted a lot of attention by making an extremely attractive RPG game. Now,...

The Ghostrunner private beta registration has been opened

Ghostrunner Prepares For Private Beta, Register Now. With the announcement of the creators and publishers, the private beta of Ghostrunner will start soon. Registration for the game's private beta has begun after...

Borderlands 3: Connor Cleary published new information

The fourth DLC New information has been released. Gearbox Software was another attendee at the Gamescom event and the production team released a trailer of the new DLC of this game. Psycho...

New game preview of Mafia: Definitive Edition has been released

The new game preview shows the Fair Play mission. Mafia: Definitive Edition is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. Many fans around the world are looking for new information about...

Lord of the Rings: Gollum teaser trailer has been released

Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be a stealth adventure game. After a long time, Daedalic Entertainment Studio finally released the first trailer of Lord of the Rings Gollum game. A cinematic...

The Gotham Knights game has finally been announced

With the release of the trailer, one of the most anticipated games in the DC world was introduced. As you know, there have been a lot of rumors about one of the...

The trailer of FIFA 21 Gameplay has been released

EA released a trailer with new information from FIFA 21. EA, as usual, publishes the FIFA game every year. As we get closer to the release of the game, EA will provide...

Cuphead game released for PS4

Now the experience of this fascinating game is provided for PS4 users. Cuphead was first released in 2017 for PC and XBOX 1 and then released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch....
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Is Call of Duty Mobile still worth playing after a year?

With the advancement of technology, phones are also improving day by day. Advances in phone hardware make it possible to create games with great...

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