As you know, the new season of FIFA Mobile was released on November 2. There are always many questions about the value of this game. In this post, we want to review the gameplay and other features.

The first thing that catches your attention on FIFA Mobile’s new season is the new menu. The developers have made a better menu by making a few small changes. As you can see, access to different features and sections is much easier than before. In addition to the old parts, several new parts have been added to the game, such as the seasons. In the academy section, you can easily make a good start by taking Ødegaard and Mbappe. features such as the team of the week, Champions League, and the division rivals are also included in the game like before. First, we will review the division rival section, in which you can play in two different modes.

Division Rivals


In this part, you can compete with others And this is one of the main parts of this game. Like before, you increase your rank by competing and get better prizes. In the head-to-head section, you playing with others in a complete game. The matchmaking system in this section is acceptable. And teams are on the same level. The control system is also well made in this game. You get used to it by activating the buttons and working with them after a while, but it is not as good as the controller. One of the points that should be mentioned is the gameplay of this game which is very similar to FIFA 13. There are many physical resemblances between the two. For example. Of course, they are not graphically comparable, but this quality is acceptable for a 90-megabyte game. The face of the players are well made and some of them are really similar. The physics of the ball is great in passing and even crosses. But when it comes to shooting, we see strange things. In some situations, the ball enters the goal with a strange speed and curve, and it is a bit unusual. In this kind of situation, even high-powered goalkeepers will not have much chance. The whole attacking phase is very important in this game. Of course, the developers are trying to make a balance between the offensive and defensive phases. The judging system also works strangely in some situations. also, goalkeepers are very weak in free kicks and you can easily score. In general, the A.I. of the players is good, and for scoring goals, you have to move forward with tactics and plans. In general, passing work in this game is enjoyable and gives you a good feeling.

Vs Attack mode

Well, let’s go for Vs Attack mode, if you like to play short matches and only in the attacking phase, this is the best option. The matchmaking system is a bit unfair in this area, and sometimes you have to compete with much stronger competitors. The gameplay of this mode is really fast and enjoyable. And you can score good goals by using dribbles that are really useful in this game. In this mode, you will be given goal positions in proportion to the power and chemistry of the team. The game positioning system works really well and makes this part the most attractive game.

My Team


Of course, to succeed in this part, you need a great lineup. The lineup arrangement system in this game is like FIFA ultimate. To improve your power, you must use players with the same team profile. And finding a great lineup and facing its challenges is really fun. Besides, the developers added new items to upgrade the players in the game. For example, by using cards, you can increase the power of your player. Or upgrade his skills in the Skills section. In addition to these features, you can increase the main power of your team by using the perks You may be a little unfamiliar at first, but you get used to it.

FIFA Mobile Market


Now let’s check the market of FIFA mobile. The market of this game has an acceptable system and increases the speed of lineups’ progress. In the market, you can easily access any player with any power. An excellent search system which can specify every detail. You can also sell your players if you want. Of course, the price of the players is sometimes a bit unrealistic and to find a suitable price, you have to search a bit. Another interesting point is the ability to bid. You can buy a player at a much better price by participating in the tender. Of course, during the two years, the price range has increased a little and the purchase has become a little harder, but in general, the market system in this game is good.
In general, the FIFA Mobile game can be much better. A game with high potential that a few things like some Glitch in the menu and strange things during the game make it a little less attractive. Of course, we should not forget that the game needs a small storage space. And we hope that this game will improve as phones become more advanced. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Be sure to share your thoughts about this game with us.


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