With the advancement of technology, phones are also improving day by day. Advances in phone hardware make it possible to create games with great quality for it. In 2019, Activision decided to release a AAA first-person shooter for self phones. In fact, they combined the popular Modern Warfare series and Black Ops One and Two and released this mobile version. For example, maps, guns, characters, and many other things that are combined with new items and make a very good game. This game has two parts, multiplayer and Battle Royale. now we want to check this game to find out Is Call of Duty Mobile still worth playing after a year?


It may be a little strange to play with the phone instead of the controller or the mouse and keyboard, and at first, you may feel a little uncomfortable but do not worry because you will get used to it after a while. Also, You can make the changes in the settings. You can easily change the size of the buttons and even the shooting form. There is also the ability to attach the controller to this game. On the other hand, you can experience this game with the simulator on the computer. But the point that you should pay attention to is that if one of your team members plays with the controller or mouse and keyboard in your matchmaking system You will encounter bots. This usually happens and you have faced a team of robots and in that case, you have no challenge and it will be very easy for you. But when you and crew all play with phones, you do not encounter bots at all, and it is only there you can experience Call of duty Mobile in a real way. Where the game’s weak AI is no longer in front of you. One of the first things that catch your attention in this game is the multiplayer part. In this part, You have different types of modes such as hardpoint search and distro, etc. to experience. The physical mechanism of the game is acceptable and good for a phone. In different situations, you can easily jump and even lean. The shooting system also gives you a good feeling and you can feel the difference between different guns. Of course, you should never compare this game with games like Modern Warfare on PC or console. Call of Duty Mobile is unique among shooter games between mobile games. Also, different maps with different locations allow you to use different tactics.



 But to get great results and win a lot of games, you need good Loadout. Undoubtedly, the variety of guns and customizable systems is the best. And it is very similar to Modern Warfare in this regard. You can choose your gun according to the style of play and map. Add different attachments to it. You can even change the color of the red dot. If you are one of those people who like your guns to have a special color and design, you will not have any problems in this game. Each gun in the game, in addition to the epic models, has different types of colors and designs. You can also add a sticker or charms to your gun. And this factor will increase the variety in the game.

Battle Royale


Another important part of the game is Battle Royale. In this style, you are watching the same common system of all Battle Royale. A map that gets smaller over time. And out of 100, you and your friends must survive. One of the strange things is the ability to play in the third-person view. Which makes Battle Royale more similar to PUBG Mobile. One of the interesting points is the vehicles in the game. You can drive a motorbike, different types of cars, helicopters and even tanks. The size of the map is also very large and acceptable. At one point in the map, you can get epic items by facing a monster. Airdrops are another Important factor in this part. You can find your custom weapons in them. But one of the negative points is that due to the red color on the clothes of the enemies, you can easily recognize them, and this slightly reduces the challenge of this part. In general, Battle Royale can get acceptable points and entertain you and your friends for hours.

Battle Pass


One of the most annoying things we see in all games today is in-app advertising and shopping. In this game, many ads encourage you to buy a Battle Pass. And many buy them. But the good thing is that this does not bother the balance of the game and this is very good news.
In general, if you are looking for a good quality first-person shooter to play on your mobile. Undoubtedly, download the game Mobile Duty Mobile. Call of duty mobile is still worth playing and will entertain you for hours with its smooth and attractive gameplay.


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