The trend of 2021 is 5g and now we can see 5g coming to the low budget phones, so is worth it to buy a budget 5g phone. or is time to buy a low-budget 5g phone? so stay for an answer.

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As I said before the trend of 2021 is 5g. 5g theology has become more available every day and this tech finds its way to inter the budget phones. but 5g is kind of expensive and is like a super AMOLED display you lose something to have that. For example, the poco x3 is one of the best budget phones for now and this phone will be our reference for comparing the budget 5g phones.


This phone for the first time brings the high refresh rate display to the budget phone. and also has one of the best cameras in its budget. so this phone with so many other features is one of the best. I write this post in February and for now, we have Samsung galaxy a42 5g that is around 350 pounds in the UK . and poco x3 is around 250 pounds in the UK.
Samsung galaxy a42 5g

Xiaomi has 2 5g phones. redmi note 9t and mi 10 lite 5g

xiaomi-redmi-note-9t-5g-low -budget- 5g-phones
Xiaomi redmi note 9t 5g
xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g

oneplus has nord n10 5g

Oneplus Nord N10 specification

and realme have realme 7 5g and realme v15 5g

realme-7g-low -budget- 5g-phones
realme 7g
realme v15 5G

and the last one is Motorola g 5g

Motorola g 5g
all the phones are around 250 pounds or $300. All the phones missing something for example galaxy a42 has a 720p display which you can feel the low resolution. redmi note 9t has a 60 Hz refresh rate and also mi 10 lite 5g has a 60hz display. So you must sacrifice something.
But there is one really good point about 5g phones. and 5g phones need a good performance. And that means all the 5g phones have decent performance. You can play games with them without any lag and if you use a 5g connection also means a better experience in online games.

5g-mobile-logo-low -budget-5g-phones

But one of the downsides of the budget 5g phone is Battery consumption. and keep in mind that if you buy a budget 5g phone at Least choose a phone that has a 4500mha battery. Because 5g is high consumption. So make a decision that what is your main usage of the phones. because you have to lose something.
If the camera matters to you, maybe you must skip from the good display for the battery. if the display is mattered you. I think you must skip form camera because as I said before 5g is expensive for budget phones and companies need to use lower end or older tech to same money for the 5g part. This problem was always inside the market of the budget phone.
My aim in this videos is around $300 and less budget and you can easily with $100 or more solve the problem and buy a better phone. So I introduce some of the best 5g phones for each demand.

First display: Xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g.


this phone has a 6.5 inches AMOLED display with hdr 10 + tech. and the weakness of this phone is its smaller battery compare to others and a 60hz display refresh rate.
The second is performance but they are so close to each other, and I can not choose the best one.

The third Is the camera: on the paper, oneplus nord n10 and Xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g have the best camera.

xiaomi-mi-10t-lite-5g-low -budget- 5g-phones
Xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g
overall I think the Xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g has the best spect between all the phones. Because this phone uses a 120hz display alongside with 64 mp main camera and a 4820mah battery.
I want to reach a conclusion with you. And that is time will solve these problems. like the past that poco x3 came and bring the high refresh rate display and high touch sampling rate .whchie recognize so much faster our touch that phones feel more responsive to us. and also like Xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g that was one of the first low budget 5g phones. also, I want to know what is your thoughts on this topic, and be sure to leave comments about that and I read the comments. so thanks for reading this post.
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