Leaked Gmail Multipurpose redesign for Next OnAir event

Leaked Gmail Multipurpose redesign for Next OnAir event

During Tahin Rahman‘s recent tweet, photos of the Gmail Multipurpose redesign have been revealed.

Gmail Multipurpose redesign
In this new design, it seems that you don’t need to leave the program to use google docs, meet, and you can use these programs while you are in Gmail.
In the slides shown by Tahin Rahman‘s, you can see that Google has put all its focus on making video conferencing easier.
The new design of Gmail allows businesses to use google docs to display information in addition to video calls, and you can discuss the content and have the opinions of other members of the group.
Leaked Gmail Multipurpose redesign
This update will be released at a very good time because, during Covid-19, most businesses communicate through communication. In recent months, due to the limitations of Covid-19.
Google has also tried to increase the use of its applications for businesses with new updates. This new update helps businesses a lot in their coordination and feedback. As businesses move into homes and Working distance, many companies are trying to improve business communication and coordination with new programs and updates.
Leaked Gmail Multipurpose redesign

This update is scheduled to be unveiled during the Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir event by Twitter user Tahin Rahman event.

This shows that Google is making efforts to expand and improve the quality of its services. Google with the appropriate support and various changes was able to make Gmail the best email and is trying to expand google meet and docs.


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