Today, most companies try to use 5G modems on their mobile phones. LG is one of these companies, which intends to build a mid-range phone with a 5G modem. during a photo that was revealed on the Google Play console, LG wants to introduce K92. As you know, LG is a Korean company, and South Korea is one of the leaders in 5G technology.
According to leaked information, LG wants to offer a mid-range 5G phone called K92. The K series is one of the most popular series of LG phones in the United States. K92 is also likely to become a popular phone in the United States. In recent months, tech companies have paid more attention to 5G technology, which Apple is one of them. Apple also announced at its conference that all 4 iPhones use a 5G modem.

LG K92 specifications


Some of the specifications of LG K92 have been revealed. Including its processor which is Snapdragon 690. It has been less than 3 months since it was introduced, it is one of the cheapest smartphone processors with a 5G modem that uses the X51 modem. In the camera section, it has been revealed that the LG phone will use a 64-megapixel for the main camera.
As you can see in the picture below, this phone will use an HD + screen. But the dimensions and type of LG K92 panel have not been determined yet. It also uses 6 GB of RAM and Android 10.
No further details of this phone have been released. And it seems that LG, like other technology companies, wants to produce 5G phones for less than $ 500. For the past two months, smartphone companies have been trying to make 5G technology available to a wider range of people.
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