A trailer called Us Dreamers has been released in connection with the Xbox consoles.

Now that a lot of information has been released about the new Microsoft consoles, fans are waiting for the release of these consoles. As you know, a person with video game experience can enter a world of dreams. Now Microsoft has released a trailer on this issue.
In this trailer, we see the performance of a famous Hollywood actor. Daniel Kaluuya, a 31-year-old British actor. He has acted in films such as Get Out, Black Panther, Johnny English Reborn, etc. In this trailer, we see that he enters a dreamland by connecting to the game world and playing with his friends. A world where you can play with your friends and create great memories. There were also signs of Halo and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in this trailer.

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Microsoft is launching two consoles in this generation. One called the Xbox Series X, Which is actually Microsoft’s more powerful console. There is another console called Xbox Series S, which is a great choice for non-professional gamers. One of the differences between these two consoles is the ability of the Xbox Series X to have a disc-driven. According to forecasts, in this generation, Microsoft has focused a lot on the Xbox Game pass service. They also took a big step in the gaming industry by buying Bethesda and its subsidiaries. In the following, we will see this fascinating trailer.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be released on November 10 this year.


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