In this post, we want to have a comparison between OnePlus NORD N10 5G and Xiaomi 10 Lite 5G. Two of the best 5G phones at a low price

OnePlus and Xiaomi are both companies that produce smartphones with good value and in comparison, the competition is very close. OnePlus NORD N10 5G is the first 5G OnePlus phone under $ 500 and has a high value On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is a weaker version of Xiaomi Mi 10.
Well, let’s move on to the comparison. Both phones have a good display with different fundamentals. Xiaomi has an AMOLED display with HDR 10+ standard, which has a very high Oder’s hand OnePlus has a 90 Hz screen, but with an LCD panel .that makes it difficult for you to choose, and my advice is that if you are interested in the game, a 90 Hz display is more suitable for you, but if you are mostly looking to watch movies and clips. The mi 10 lite will keep you satisfied.
In terms of hardware, these two phones are very close to each other, but in the benchmarks, it shows that Xiaomi works about 5 to 10 percent better, but I tell you did not notice this difference in performance between the phones.



Both phones use 4 cameras, and only I point to the main camera. OnePlus uses a 64-megapixel camera and Xiaomi uses a 48-megapixel camera. But in general, the OnePlus with a larger sensor can take better photos, also the larger sensor can have better performance in low light. and I can say that OnePlus is a better choice for you if the phone’s camera is important for you
I should mention that the Xiaomi is almost the same size as the Nord N10, and is thinner, and uses a larger screen, which makes the Xiaomi phone more comfortable and efficient in size.
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Since both phones use 5G technology, the battery plays a very important role. The mi 10 Lite uses a 4160 mAh battery with 20-watt fast charge tech and the Nord n10 uses a 4300 mAh battery. At first, looks, seems that Nord n10 has a better battery, but no. first, Xiaomi uses an AMOLED display, that has a 60 Hz refresh rate, that means less consumption, the OnePlus uses an LCD screen, which has a 90Hz read refresh, that means more usage from the battery, and the second is that Xiaomi processor is more efficient, and makes Xiaomi perform a bit better than Nord in battery life.

5g modem

Oneplus Nord N10 specification
If you are considering buying these phones because of the 5G technology, you should know a few things. First, this phone does not support millimeter wave tech which is a high-frequency 5g network, and this tech is only available in high-end phones that are above $ 1,000 like iPhone 12 pro. Also, the 5g modem in mi 10 lite and Nord n 10 is different, and the mi 10 Lite uses the Snapdragon X52 modem, and the Nord n10 uses the Snapdragon X51 modem. so mi 10 lite modem is better and supports more bands.

Other stuff

Xiaomi MI 10 Lite
One of the interesting things in mi 10 lite is the use of a cooling system, which definitely helps to control Heat during the game and use 5G. in return, Nord n10 uses a stereo speaker system that is more common in phones at higher prices. In general, both phones are great to buy and the choice of each phone depending on your needs, but both are the best cheap 5G phones So far.


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