The Poco m3 and Xiaomi Redmi 9 are the most valuable low-budget phone in 2020 so make sure to read this comparison to choose the better phone.

Poco m3 is the news low bouget phone from Poco. Poco is also one of the Xiaomi sub-brand and they have so many things in common like Miui skin and much other stuff. The Poco m2 that was the last version of m3, is the exact rebrand of Redmi 9 and because of that poco m2 wasn’t successful. but this year’s Poco takes a lesson and made a new phone .so let’s go-to comparison.



I believe Poco m3 is on another level, like the camera. Poco m3 have 3 cameras and Redmi 9 have 4 but they are so different. for the main camera, Poco has an excellent 48 MP camera for this price that I think is similar to Redmi note 8 because on the paper they have the exact number in sensor size and everything else. also, this phone can record video up to 1080p in this price range which is normal. On another hand, the biggest downside of the Redmi 9 is the camera because the main camera has a small 13 mp sensor which is bad. Redmi has 5mp ultrawide, 2mp micro, and 2 MP depth, and Poco have a 2mp Miro camera and 2mp depth camera.  And I don’t care about other cameras like micro and ultrawide since in low budget phone they are so bad. Both phones have a. you know. normal selfie or I can say bad same 8mp selfie camera which for this price is ok.(poco m3 vs redmi 9)


You can buy poco m3 HERE



One of the cool stuff about Poco m3 is design. as you can see the design is so different and has a cool style. but this design is so familiar. yes, I think this phone is a copy of the OnePlus 8t cyberpunk 2077and the color and top design are similar. specking cyberpunk 2077. we have a cool video about that is here

so lest back to the comparison. and in design, Redmi 9  has in old design .but has lower Thickness which is 9.1 and poco m3 is 9.6 which on average is Thick phone.(poco m3 vs redmi 9)



The reason for this thickness is the battery. Poco m3 has a massive 6000 MHA battery which makes this phone a 2-day full usage battery life. poco says m3 has 18 watts fast charge tech and also has Reverse charging which means Poco m3 like a power bank can charge your other gadget or phones which is cool. so, in another hand, Redmi 9 has a 5000 MHA battery also with 18W fast charge tech but there is on revers chagrin tech. and is obvious that Poco m3 with a bigger battery and a more efficient processor has more battery life.



So, move on to the display. m3 and Redmi 9 have the exact same display and there is no difference between them and for this price range, they are so good and acceptable because most of the other smartphone in this price has TFT display or HD not full HD display. in front poco m3 has a notification light which Redmi 9 hasn’t and it is useful. one of the things that you must know is poco m3 has a dual speaker and that is so good we can see the higher-end tech in low-end phones.



The most important part of the low budget phone is performance and hardware. because of so many low budget phones since using old and bad hardware show lag in every section of the phone. but these two phones are at another level in performance. POCO m3 uses snapdragon 662 a Redmi 9 uses MediaTek helio g80. on the benchmark like AnTuTu, Redmi 9 with slightly better performance win the Competition but as you can see they are so close. but in general, you will not see the difference in performance.(poco m3 vs redmi 9)



so, if you’re looking for a gaming phone at this price. You just have these two options. because of other phones around 120 bucks. They showed bad performance and even in daily usage, they show lag. But Redmi 9 and Poco m3 with the better chip is so much better in gaming. you must not have an expectation like a mid-range phone. But games like call of duty mobile and FIFA mobile with a medium setting runs very well. Both phones are so close in gaming. but Poco m3 with faster memory and better gaming optimization for snapdragon GPU is slightly better.


overall Xiaomi and Poco with introducing high-value phones, making the compaction so much harder for other companies. and every time that Xiaomi introducing a new phone they shape that price range. and Redmi 9 and Poco m3 They are one of them. Poco m3 with a better camera, better, speaker and better design is a better choice. and Poco m3 is kind of the next generation of Redmi 9. Poco m3 on price lunch was 129 bucks but now is 149 for 64GB storage with 4GB ram. Redmi 9 also 64GB storage and 4GB ram is around 149 in EU. I personally recommend Poco m3.
You can buy Poco m3 HERE
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