As you know, there were speculations about adding Rainbow Six Siege to the Xbox Game Pass. But today Microsoft officially confirmed the news. So Xbox Game Pass users are waiting for this great shooter game.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow-Six-Siege- Xbox-Game-Pass-sam-fisher

Rimbo Six Siege was released in 2015. At first, this game had many problems. But with the development and upgrade of servers and other points, it attracted a lot of fans all over the world. Unlike other shooter games, Rimbo Six Siege ​​is completely tactical. To do this, you have to plan for your smallest decisions. In games like Call of Duty, you may sometimes get the answer by rushing. But in this game, such a thing is almost impossible. Teamwork is another factor that you should take advantage of for a better result. This game will entertain you well with its challenging and exciting gameplay. As mentioned, another positive point of this game is its updates. With the updates, Developers have created a good variety in the game and have kept the players by adding gadgets and solving problems. For example, in the new season, the popular character of the Splinter Cell franchise, Sam Fisher, was added to the game.

Xbox Game Pass


Another thing to note is the Xbox Game Pass. By investing in this service, Microsoft is a strong competitor to Sony in this generation. Over the past few years, popular and exciting games have been added to the service. They took another step by adding EA games to their collection. Now another first-class tactical shooter game will be added to this service. The game will also be released for next-generation consoles. Players can also transfer their full account to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles.
Rainbow Six Siege will be added to the Xbox Game Pass service on October 22nd.


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