Ubisoft fails to surprise fans.

With the revelation of Far Cry 6 game information on the PlayStation Store page of Hong Kong, The information of this game, like many previous works of Ubisoft, was revealed. At first, we watch the first video released of this game.

The most important thing in this short trailer was a Famous Hollywood actor, Giancarlo Esposito, who will most likely play the role of the antagonist of this game.
Jankarlo Esposito has starred in many famous series and movies, including Breaking Bad, the Usual Suspect, and Malcolm x…, and It remains to be seen whether Ubisoft can once again create a powerful character like Wass.

Will we see the return of the Vass in Far Cry?

Speaking of the famous Far Cry 3 antagonist, some users believe that, Diego is Vass and this work is a prelude to the third version. It is said that the main character of the story is a freedom fighter named Dani Rajos. Now we have to wait and see what an interesting narrative is intended for this story.
 when you searching about Far Cry 6 on google show this result.
Vaas childhood
The game will be unveiled during the Ubisoft Forward . This event will be held on Sunday, July 11th, And according to the information, the game will be released on February 18, 2021, and it will be a mid-generation game.
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