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Today we want to introduce the top Stealth games of the decade. This style of game has many fans around the world, and many games in this style enter the market every year. Now join us to see which of these stealth games has proven itself well.

5.Tom clancy’s splinter cell: conviction (2010)


Every time we talk about stealth games, a familiar name appears next to it. Sam Fisher, former Marine, urban warfare expert, skilled spy, selected as National Security Agency’s first flood splinter. In this version of the splinter cell, Sam Fisher is looking for another job after the death of his daughter. But with the influx of terrorists, he becomes involved in these things again. In this game, we see an exciting and action story. The music and sound are also done in the best possible way. Other positive points can be mentioned in the stealth style of this game; The cover system in this game is undoubtedly one of the best in this decade. Sam covers in the shadows and behind various objects and hunts his enemies at the best time. The gameplay is also very smooth. But one of the only weaknesses is that the effect and action of stealth gradually fade in this game, and in many missions of the game, it forces you to fight face to face. But without a doubt, this game with its perfect covering system is one of the best stealth games.

4.Dishonored (2012)


Dishonored is one of the best games in stealth mode. This game entered the market in 2012 and gained countless fans. It was also selected as the best game of the year. This game is a masterpiece in every way. The first thing that catches your attention is the visual graphics Which fascinate you with its special style. The story of this game is about a city, which straggling with a plague. The queen and her few loyal crew are trying to solve problems, but the evil people take advantage of this opportunity. The gameplay of this game is great. Due to the strong A.I of the enemies, you will have a very difficult task. Of course, during the game, you have different weapons. In addition to weapons, you have the ability to use a series of magical powers that increase the variety in this game. In general, Dishonored is a unique game in the style of stealth that can entertain you for hours.

3.Mark of the Ninja (2012)


With the release of this game, Klei Entertainment proved to everyone that you don’t necessarily need a 3D environment to make a great stealth game. Developers have fascinated gamer by creating an attractive two-dimensional environment. In this game, we are seeing a simple but amazing story. The characters in this story are well designed and will not bore you. The gameplay of this game is also unique. In the first few minutes of experiencing this game, you will realize this. Developers put you in a dark two-dimensional world with all the puzzles and challenges. Like a ninja, you have to achieve your goals in silence, and a wrong move will cost your life. In this path, in addition to the sword, you have different tools to distract the guards, which makes the game more attractive. visual graphics and motion physics are unique in this game, This factor has a good effect on making this game faster and more enjoyable. Whit no doubt join the ninja and become fearful of your enemies.

2.Hitman (2016)


Agent 47 has cleverly and silently taken second place on this list. IO Interactive has created a glorious comeback for Hitman. The story of this game deals with the first years of Agent 47 activity, Where Diana Burnwood first introduces him to the organization. In this game, we once again accompany Agent 47, a ruthless character, to kill the most sinister bosses around the world. This game has a lot of improvements compared to its previous versions. For example, The ai of enemies is improved well. We are also dealing with high quality and detailed environments. The gameplay of this game also gives the player complete control. You can complete each mission in more than 15 different ways. Agent 47 can disguise himself as a chef and poison the target, or he can suffocate him with a wire and mark the last moments for him in the darkest possible way.

1.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)


And now time to see the best game on this list, yes, this game is nothing but Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima has once again created a unique game. As you know, stealth is one of the most important features of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The developers have upgraded this feature with their facilities and skills and have reached their best. As always, an amazing story that fascinates you with its mysteries.  And unique cutscenes that you will never get tired of watching them. In addition to storytelling, the characterization of the characters is also excellent. You can find all the necessary qualities for a charismatic leader in Big Boss. Leaving these elements aside, we come to the unique gameplay of this game. The high freedom of action gives you the power to choose the method of completing the missions. You can secretly complete the mission or hit the enemy and destroy them. Detailed battle environments, excellent enemies artificial intelligence, and a high variety of your war tools all increase the charm of this game and without a doubt make it the best stealth game of this decade.
In the end, we hope that enjoy the experience of these fascinating games and if you believe that other games should be included in this list, we would be happy if you share them with us in the comments.
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