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Today we want to introduce the top Survival horror games of the decade. This style of game has many fans around the world, and many games in this style enter the market every year. Now join us to see which of these Survival horror games has proven itself well.

5.Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)


Resident Evil 7 has been a new beginning for this franchise. This game can be divided into two parts. A very successful part that makes for a terrific experience and a typical action part. The story of this game has not much to do with the stories of this franchise. But we are seeing a beautiful and quite exciting story. A story that will attract your attention with its mysteries. The initial parts of the game are well designed. And with secluded environments, it conveys a sense of loneliness to the player. Another important point is to change the angle of view in the game. In general, we see many changes that improve this game. Resident Evil 7 is reasonably well designed and seriously challenges the player. The lack of ammo and tools always forces you to explore the game environment and also challenges you. The Gameplay is well designed and the bakers will confront you with different issues. But one of the negative points is that the feeling of fear and excitement at the end of the game has reduced and the action of the game has increased. But overall this game is going to be a good experience, so don’t miss it.

4. Dead Space 2 (2011)


Whenever we talk about the Survival Horror genre, without a doubt you see the name of Dead Space. A game that fascinates everyone with its special atmosphere. Most people thought that later versions of Dead Space could not function as the first version. But the Visceral Games created a masterpiece by following the previous tips and adding a few more things. The story of the game narrates the continuation of Dead Space 1. And the events of this game are 3 years after the first version. The game’s insane violence reveals itself in the very first scene and overwhelms you. In this game, we are faced with a cold and dark environment. You will not feel relaxed in it even for a moment. Also, the music that is sometimes played and makes the game scarier than before. Dead Space 1 lacked a variety of enemies, but in this version by adding new types of these ruthless creatures have solved this problem. The Gameplay of this game is great as the first version. Another positive point of this game is its shooting style. Also, the lack of ammo in the game makes you more cautious in this regard than before. Undoubtedly, experience this game.

3.Outlast (2013)


Outlast is an endless experience of fear. In the very first minutes of the game, you realize that the creators have focused only on scaring the players and nothing else. In this game, we are dealing with a relatively ordinary story. The story is about a journalist who wants to find out the secrets of an asylum. He gets into a big predicament to unveil the secrets of this asylum. In this game, you are not a trained and strong soldier. You control a simple reporter and have only one camera as a weapon. This makes you much weaker than the ruthless enemies and the only way out is to escape and retreat. In addition to escaping from the savage lunatics of this asylum, you also face another challenge. You have to look for batteries in the scary and insane environments of this madhouse and charge your camera. This game also has negative points. Poor work of artificial intelligence is seen in some cases. Also, after dying two or three times in each scene, you get a full understanding of that part and you can even skip it. But these small points will not affect this dreadful experience. (survival horror games)

2.Resident Evil 2 (2019)


Resident Evil 2 Remake is precisely what it should be. A unique masterpiece that is well made. Capcom has once again been able to release a great game like the first versions of this franchise. We saw numbers of bad Resident Evil games have been on the market over these years, and can only be called an action game, nothing more. But this game is entirely different. The story of the game is well told. The characterization in this game has been unique. You can communicate well with the characters. Another point of this game is that it is scary. Undoubtedly, Resident Evil 2 Remake is ​​one of the scariest games in this franchise. This game surrounds you with its cold and dark atmosphere. And the fear of being attacked by a zombie always keeps you conscious. Mr. X, who is one of the most ruthless bosses in this franchise, will make you suffer. The Gameplay of this game is also unique. In this game, the player faces many challenges to survive. Another interesting point of this game is that the player must be looking in the game environment for a long time to find medicinal plants or bullets. And this adds to the appeal of the game. In general, the Resident Evil 2 remake is ​​one of the best versions of this franchise.

1.The Last of Us Remastered (2014)


This game was first released for the PlayStation 3 console. But due to the unique popularity of this game, it was also released for PlayStation 4. In the Last of us, we are seeing a unique story; A fantastic story of survival and love that will fascinate you. At first, we are seeing a supervenient start, which in the first few minutes, immerses you in its atmosphere. In a word, the story and atmosphere are so well designed that you might confuse this game with a movie. Leaving aside the story, we come to the Gameplay; in this game, you will look for your weapons in the game environments, and the lack of bullets and tools will seriously challenge you. The variety of enemies is also significant during the game. The world of this game is extremely violent and cruel, and sometimes you have to sacrifice your friends for it. Be sure to join the gray characters of this fascinating game and experience it. Without a doubt, this game is the best survival game on List.
In the end, we hope that enjoy the experience of these fascinating games and if you believe that other games should be included in this list, we would be happy if you share them with us in the comments.
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