As you know, we are approaching 2021. The year I was so excited about. We have a year full of high-scoring and advanced games, and I will introduce the Most Anticipated Games of 2021 to you in this post.

Gotham Knights


one of the most anticipated games of 2021 is Gotham knights. after the Arkham series which was amazing, wb Montreal decided to change things. in this one, we couldn’t control batman. one of the most popular heroes of DC and actually it’s little hurt my feelings. the story of Gotham knights happens after the death of Bruce Wayne and In his absence, the bat family is given the task of protecting the city. Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Night wing. they share 7 min of gameplay. in my idea, it’s going to be great because I just feel the presence of the Arkham trilogy in Gotham knights. one of the most interesting points is the co-op mode. and you can complete the main story with your friend or somebody else and I think it would be really fun. all areas on the map are unlocked and enemies have different levels, I guess it’s like assassins creed enemy system in which each one has a different level and its effect on you and confronting that enemy. I’m really excited about this game and I think we are going to see the cool game.

Hogwarts legacy


the next game is nothing but Hagward legacy, after a long time, warner bros decided to make a cool game about the world of this game. as you know we played games about Harry Potter, during these years but this one is very special. in these games, you controlling harry but in Hagward legacy, you can make your own experience in Hayward, for example, you can go to different classes, learn from masters of spells and sit on the chair and let the sorting hat make a decision. The story does not end here. And you have the ability to search in this big world. Hogwarts legacy is going to be an open-world game and There is a vast world behind the walls of Hogwarts, and you can search for hours and discover new creatures there. and you can play it on ps4, ps5, Xbox series X/S, and one and pc. it’s going to be a great game from Patter heads.

Hitman 3


The other game I look forward to is Hitman 3. In the last part of the trilogy, Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood want to destroy Providence. Hitman 3 will be a more complete, darker, and more serious title than the previous series. In total, we will see 6 locations in the game, in one of which we will go to Dubai. Another interesting point is the ability to access Hitman 1 and 2 missions. You can achieve your goals with great freedom of action. This prevents the game from being duplicated and always has something new. I really hope hitman 3 reaches the level of blood money or absolution. The most interesting thing about Hitman 3 is the ability to play with VR.  this game fully supports virtual reality. HITMAN 3 will be released on 20th January 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox family, pc, and stadia.

Resident Evil Village


one of the most anticipated games of 2021 belongs to Capcom. Capcom will release the next resident evil in 2021. The story of Resident Evil Village is a continuation of events that happened in Resident Evil 7. And according to the published information, Ethan Winters was taken to this scary village by Chris Redfield. There were also photos showing monsters in the game. and We will see creatures like werewolves in this game. By killing enemies in Resident Evil Village, in addition to money, there are other items left that you can use to build new equipment. and it’s going to be the first-person game just like resident evil 7. It is clear from the trailers that they have been quite successful in creating a dark and dreadful atmosphere. it also said that this game will be sold for $ 70.

Far cry 6


The next game on The most anticipated games list is far cry 6. in far cry 6 we are going to face a great antagonist like other games of this franchise. Giancarlo Esposito plays the antagonist of the game. An actor who has played a role in series like Breaking Bad and Mandarin. in cinematic trailers we saw him and actually I’m really hyped about it. as you know this game is first-person shooters but in some cut sense the point of view is going to change and we could see the main character, Dani Rojas. as I said before one of the most important things about far cry 6 is Anton Castillo, a rootless dictator.

The Medium


The Medium is an upcoming psychological horror video game developed by Bloober Team. In The Medium, you control Marianne, who lives in two worlds; The real world and the ghost world. Looking at a murdered child, you travel to an abandoned hotel where an unimaginable disaster took place years ago. In this place, you have to look for answers that are hard to hear and see. Medium is one of the most anticipated games of 2021.

Halo infinite


And now it’s time to check Hilo Infinite. It is said that Halo infinite will continue the story of the fifth version, but differently and more especially that will surprise the players. This allows us to expand the circle of the story. An 8-minute trailer of the gameplay was also released. It is said that the violin is Escharum, the leader of the evil group names Banished. In the gameplay video of Hilo Infinity, we also see MasterChef. One of the interesting points of the game is the grapple shot, which will have many uses.  halo infinite release for Xbox series x and s Xbox one and Microsoft windows.

God of War: Ragnarok


Only an IP with a 1-minute trailer can Increase hypes to Max. in ps5 showcase they release a trailer and show a logo with 8 symbols for the god of war. according to some conspiracies Kratos is facing Thor in Ragnarok. and as you can see these symbols write on the Jourmangandr . that giant snake from the last version. These letters are in the Elder Futhark language and were written by Germanic tribes. Each symbol refers to one or more gods. Undoubtedly, God of war Ragnarok will be great. but for now, I have a little doubt about releasing in 2021 and I think the god of war will delay, of course, this is a guess.


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