The prices of this seasonal update were announced.

During the last week, a lot of talks were made about, the latest version of the PES game. There were rumors that this version will be added to the game as an update, Konami confirmed the news with the release of a trailer. (You can see this trailer by referring to the contents of the website.)

The official trailer of efootball PES 2021

But a few hours ago, Konami released a relatively long trailer that showed more details than the previous trailer. In this trailer, Lionel Messi was introduced as the sponsor of the game, and References were also made to David Beckham and Dennis Bergkamp but do not expect much change because this is an update and the changes are in terms of transfers and team uniforms.

Culb Edition

Teams from Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, and Arsenal will also receive special items in the Club Edition, including combinations in the My Club, exclusive costumes, and more. The price of this version is set at 30 pounds.
The efootball PES 2021 update will be available for 24.99 pounds on September 15, Tuesday. You can see the seasonal update trailer of this game below from efootball PES youtube channel.

source: euvotx


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