In the previous article, we mentioned that OnePlus wants to introduce its new phone called 8T on October 14th. OnePlus 8T will be the new flagship of OnePlus. It was also said today that OnePlus does not intend to introduce the OnePlus 8T Pro model this year. Last year, OnePlus introduced the 7T Pro model with the introduction of the OnePlus 7T.



A Twitter account named Chun has announced the price of this phone. According to Chun, the new OnePlus phone in Europe is 100 euros more expensive than the OnePlus 8. some information has also been published about the models of 8T. The 128GB model with 8GB of RAM is said to be € 799 and the 256GB model with 12GB of RAM will be € 899. The OnePlus 8 is currently priced at $ 699 in Europe.(OnePlus 8T price)


The OnePlus 8T uses an AMOLED display. Also, the battery of this phone is 200 mAh bigger than the OnePlus 8 battery and has reached 4500mAh. In the renderings published in the previous article, the OnePlus 8T is expected to use a depth camera alongside the Main 48-megapixel camera. Another change in this model is the use of a 120 Hz screen. In terms of battery, the OnePlus 8T uses 65-watt charging technology. It is said that the new OnePlus phone will be released with Android 11.(OnePlus 8T price)
that the increase in the price of the new phone is due to the improvement which we mention in the last section. This phone is an improved version of OnePlus 8 and it is not a new model. Increasing the price of this phone is unfortunate because one of the goals of OnePlus is to make flagship phones at a reasonable price. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the price of flagship phones. Also, OnePlus has nearly doubled or tripled the price of its smartphones in recent years.
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