EA released a trailer with new information from FIFA 21.

EA, as usual, publishes the FIFA game every year. As we get closer to the release of the game, EA will provide new information about this sports game to the fans. Last week, the cover of the FIFA 21 game was officially introduced, and now EA has released a trailer of the gameplay.

New Gameplay Features



In FIFA 21, you have more control over the player to dribble, and by holding the R1/RB and moving the left stick, you have the ability to perform extremely fast dribbles. This feature helps you to pick up the opponent more easily than before and will play a big role in the speed of the game.


It may have happened to you that during the game you create space for other players to escape, but this does not work well, to your wish. Now with this new feature, by holding L1/LB and using the right stick, you can instruct your favorite player to escape in-depth.


According to the EA announcement, in this version, we are facing more advanced artificial intelligence, and players will do better in finding empty spaces and escaping from offside traps. This is not just about attacking players. midfielders, defenders, and playmakers will be better off in the empty spaces than before.


We always see troll clips in social media of unusual interactions of players all over the pitch, But in this version, EA has designed more natural collision systems. We will no longer see abnormal physical algorithms.


Apparently, in this version, we are facing more accurate crosses and better long passes. A new difficulty level called Competition Mode will also add to the game. Another interesting point is the feature of returning the scene, which can make interesting moments.
It remains to be seen whether EA will be able to offer a different version to the market with these features or not. Finally, I invite you to watch this trailer.

source: euvotx


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