In this post, We went to check and introduce the best mobile first-person shooter games, I hope this video helps you make a great decision.(Free FPS Games)

Modern Combat Versus

modern_combat_versus_fps_games The first game we want to introduce is nothing but modern combat versus. This game has a smooth and excellent shooting system, and Each gun gives you a different feeling. As you can see, this game is going on in the future, and you might think that you use guns similar to the ones in sci-fi movies. But the developers have created a good balance for this thing by combining a series of items. Another point that should be mentioned is the movement physics of the players. You no longer need to use a button to climb or move on the wall, and the agent does it automatically, which helps make the game much more active and faster. The gameplay is also very fun and despite the different modes to play, the game does not get boring. Agents are another great element of modern combat versus. In this game, you will see more than 15 agents that you have to unlock for better results according to your game style. In this modern combat versus, there is no part called Load Out where you can adjust your weapons. And each agent uses different guns and tools according to their character and power. Of course, the game worked well in their customization, but it could have been better. Another interesting point is the special abilities that each agent can use. For example, you can increase your speed. Identify other players or even build a shield for yourself. agents system upgrades are also acceptable, you can make them more powerful than before. This game is a great suggestion for those who are interested in experiencing a very good shooting game with attractive characters.

Shadow Gun Legends


The next game on the list is nothing but Shadow Gun Legends. A first-person shooter game that really creates a different experience for the player. attractive gameplay that immerses you. There are also features in the gameplay that makes me think about the Doom franchise. For example, the high speed, the battle with the monsters, and the atmosphere of the game all remind me of doom. After a few hours of playing and destroying the monsters, you will realize how attractive this game is. And the shooting system gives you a good sense of action. The gameplay is not the only action and in some parts, but you also have to solve puzzles. This may be a good FPS game but with no doubt, it’s a great RPG. In the beginning, you can create your favorite character with different avatars and items, and more importantly, the game lobby. . Where the point of view changes and you see a fully active environment. You can easily go to different sections, have a drink, or trade-in weapons. We talked about weapons. In this game, you will see a large number of weapons with different uses. In addition to weapons, you can upgrade gloves, armor, and everything. The player customization and improvement system are perfect. This is not the end of the story, and in the skills tree, you can unlock new skills by completing the steps and use them. In general, this game gives you a pleasant experience in the role-playing part. In this game, communication with others is also quite visible, for example, you can easily talk to others or fight with them in the game lobby. Another interesting point is the co-op mode of missions. You can complete missions with another person in this mode, which will be very fun and engaging. In general, this game will immerse you well with its excellent features and gameplay. and its good  FPS game.(Free FPS Games)

World War Heroes


The next game on this list that we want to introduce to you is World War Heroes. This game is a great offer for those who are interested in the atmosphere of World War II. A game with a good environment that conveys the feeling of being in that area. The first thing that catches your attention is graphics. This game in the best conditions shows acceptable graphics and doubles the charm of the game. and don’t worry if you use a much weaker phone, because the developers leave the player completely free to change the graphics and you can easily change a lot of things. The shooting system also has an acceptable mechanism. It is not unique and has room for improvement, but to some measure, it conveys the feeling of World War II rifles. In this game, we see smooth and fun gameplay that can entertain you for hours, and Play in different parts creates a good feeling of excitement in the player, Also, having different maps and different modes for playing increases the variety. In terms of customization, this game is perfect. You can choose your favorite fighting style with a lot of weapons, for example, if you like to hit the enemy with a shotgun or hunt your enemies with a sniper rifle. here you go. There are also different items and characters in the game that will help you to create an epic soldier. In general, this game is a great game for fans of World War 2. So without a doubt, pick up your gun and go kill the Nazis.

Shadowgun war game

The next one is the Shadowgun war game. If you want to experience a version of Overwatch on your mobile, Shadogan War Game is a good option. The design of the environment and maps,  guns, and even the characters all remind me of The overwatch. Of course, I must say that the shooting system in this game is a little different. The animations are well designed in the game, and if you experience this game with high quality, it will definitely catch your attention. The gameplay is almost good, and it can entertain you well. . The downside is the small number of characters that are apparently going to increase in the future. If you are interested in this style of animation and fast shooters, be sure to try this game. You will not regret it.(Free FPS Games)

Modern Strike Online

The next game you see is Modern Strike Online. In this game, we are faced with a different and attractive shooting system. A game that, like the others, sends you to the battlefield as a team of 5 people. One of the interesting points is the mini maps that increase the competition and you will constantly face your opponents. The graphics of modern strike are very good and you will be completely satisfied. The gameplay is smooth and good. Other interesting points are guns. You can use more than 25 different weapons in this game. This factor makes performing different tactics much easier than before. There are different modes in this game which makes it more attractive. In general, if you want to play a shooting game on your phone in the subway or somewhere else for a few minutes, Modern Strike can be a good FPS game.(Free FPS Games)

Call of Duty Mobile

And now it’s time to check the best FPS game that you can experience on your phone. You know this one is coming. In 2019, Activision decided to release a AAA first-person shooter for mobiles. In fact, they combined the popular Modern Warfare series and Black Ops One and Two and released this mobile version. One of the first things that catch your attention in this game is the multiplayer part. In this part, You have different types of modes such as hardpoint search and distro, etc. to experience. The physical mechanism of the game is acceptable and good for a phone. In different situations, you can easily jump and even lean. The shooting system also gives you a good feeling and you can feel the difference between different guns. Of course, you should never compare this game with games like Modern Warfare on PC or console. Call of Duty Mobile is unique among shooter games between mobile games. Also, different maps with different locations allow you to use different tactics. But to get great results and win a lot of games, you need a good Loadout. Undoubtedly, the variety of guns and customizable systems is the best. And it is very similar to Modern Warfare in this regard. You can choose your gun according to the style of play and map. Add different attachments to it. You can even change the color of the red dot. If you are one of those people who like your guns to have a special color and design, you will not have any problems in this game. Each gun in the game, in addition to the epic models, has different types of colors and designs. You can also add a sticker or charms to your gun. And this factor will increase the variety in the game. In general, this game has a very high quality, and if you are looking for a flawless FPS game, it is nothing but Call of Duty.(Free FPS Games)
And this was our list for FPS game, just make sure to share your ideas about these games. also mention the games that could be on this list.


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