Recently Xiaomi mi 11 announced. And This phone is one of the best android phones .also m11 is one of the biggest iPhone 12 competitors. so stay with us.
Xiaomi m11 is the first phone that uses snapdragon 888 which is the best and news snapdragon processor and one of the few competitors that can compete with the iPhone 12 processor.


Xiaomi has a large 6.8 AMOLED display with a 120hz refresh rate. also, mi 11 display is 2k resolution and has the fastest touch screen in the world. In front uses one of the best screen protectors with is Gorilla Glass Victus. iPhone 12 has 6.1 inches OLED display with a 60 Hz display.(mi 11 vs iPhone 12)
In comparison, iPhone 12 color is so good but Xiaomi mi 11 has a more refresh rate which when you work with mi 11 you filling smoothness. also, I have a video that talks about why we should wait for the iPhone 13 which one of the reason is more refresh rate display.
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Both phones have the best chipset in 2021 and apple has a 14 bionic chip and Xiaomi has snapdragon 888. this processor is the best and there isn’t any app that they cant play nicely. overall in benchmark iPhone 12 processor in GPU is slightly better but snapdragon in CPU is slightly better. but in real life, you will not notice the difference.


iPhone 12 have 2 camera, the main camera is 12mp with f1.6 aperture and 12mp ultra-wide camera. In return mi11 have 3 camera, the main camera is 108 mp with f1.9, 13mp ultra-wide camera. and 5mp macro camera.
iPhone 12 camera is so good but mi 11 camera has a bigger sensor which you can have more detail also compete to the previous generation have so much better color and ai due to snapdragon 888. but both cameras are amazing and they are top-notch and I don’t have phones and I search for that for the show you guy and I notice so many people that they show a comparison between these two phones are fake I just say that at least wait for 1 most for seeing the true result.
Xiaomi works with Harman Kardon one of the best audio deceives companies for mi11 dual speaker. and iPhone 12 also has a dual speaker.


Xiaomi m11 has a 4600mha battery. it is capable of fast charge up to 55w which gets full in 45 minutes according to Xiaomi. also support 50w wireless fast charge and has 10w reverse charge tech for charging other gadget or smartphone. in another hand, iPhone 12 has a 2815mha battery with 20w fast charge tech and can support a 15w wireless charger but there isn’t a reverse charge tech. the battery life both phone are very good but with Xiaomi fast charge tech you can charge your phone so much faster. and charger. as you know iPhone 12 series hasn’t a charger inside the box and also for the first time Xiaomi did the same thing and mi11 hasn’t charged in the box and you must buy that separately.(mi 11 vs iPhone 12)


Xiaomi mi 11 is a big phone and the dimensions mi 11 are close to the iPhone 12 pro max. but the iPhone 12 is like a compact phone compare to mi 11. iPhone 12 has color and Xiaomi also has 5 colors. the design is personal but both phones are well designed and look premium.
Xiaomi in the basic version is $612 for 128GB with 8GB ram version in china and $719 for 256GB with 12Gb ram (special edition). chains version is cheaper and this phone is not announced for global but I think the global version will be $200  more so for 128 GB will be $800 and iPhone 12 for 128GB is $850.


both phones have 5g modem but they are different. Xiaomi 5g modem is better and can support most speed. because snapdragon 888 has an x60 5g modem which is the newest 5g modem that snapdragon made.(mi 11 vs iPhone 12)


my personal opinion is the Xiaomi mi 11 is a high-value phone and with a better and bigger display It conveys a better feeling. also more refresh rate and more touch sampling rate means your phone feels more responsive and so many apps like Instagram, TikTok, and games feel better. but in another hand, iPhone 12 with its compact size and a good camera, and very good performance is an awesome phone. I hope I helped you.
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